Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How the BLAUPUNKT Smart Home Alarm System works ?

Our system uses ZigBee Home Automation standard and ensures safty, security and comfort. ZigBee Home Automation is the industry leading global standard helping to create smarter homes that enhance the comfort, convenience, security and energy management for the consumer.It is the technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers.The latest version of ZigBee Home Automation standard, which is fully interoperable with previous versions, adds several important new features that improve the battery life for security sensors to over seven years, standardize pairing of devices and simplify installation and maintenance for consumers and custom installers alike. These features have a significant impact on operational and device costs to service providers and quality of service to consumers.All ZigBee Home Automation products are ZigBee Certified to perform regardless of manufacturer, allowing anyone to purchase with confidence.ZigBee Home Automation deliver s a standard that can make every home a smarter, safer and more energy efficient environment for consumers and families.

What are the features of BLAUPUNKT Smart Home Alarm System?

Do-it-yourself installation simplicity
Ideal for remodel or new construction
Self-organizing networks simplify set-up and maintenance
Proven interference avoidance ensures worry-free operation
Control devices from anywhere in the world
Use mobile phones to control smart home
Monitor power use
Turn on/off devices remotely
Easily add devices to create an integrated smart home security system
Built-in security ensures integrity of smart home
Customize lighting levels based on activity and create scenes
ZigBee PRO Networking
2.4 GHz global operation
Long battery life; over 3 years for security sensors
Wireless range up to 70m indoors and 400m outdoors
Networking flexibility to cover homes of all sizes
Open and freely available specification based on international standards
Highly scalable solutions for thousands of devices
Integrates control and monitoring devices for lighting, security, occupancy, motion detection and convenience

What are the benefits of BLAUPUNKT Smart Home Alarm System?

Devices designed for do-it-yourself
Promotes greater energy awareness and control
Open standard supports competitive marketplace of multiple products that lowers cost through competition
Years of battery life and ease of maintenance reduce operating costs for service providers and allow affordable solutions for consumers
Wireless technology eliminates cost and hassle of running wires
Certified interoperability, global 2.4GHz spectrum simplifies installation and operation
Automatic features simplify use
Internet connection for greater access and control
Simple set-up procedures support do-it-yourself configurations
Easily install wireless sensors to monitor a wide variety of conditions
Receive automatic notification upon detection of unusual events
SECURE AES 128 encryption secures personal information
Device authentications secures networks from neighboring networks
Integrates control and monitoring devices for lighting, security, appliances and home access
Customer can select from a variety of products to meet needs
Interoperability between a variety of products regardless of manufacturer
Works with other ZigBee networks

Does the system require a Wi-Fi net work at my home?

No. The system has its on ZigBee wireless network and thus do not require Wi-Fi network. The IP Smart Alarm Hub ( Q-Panel ) requires an Ethernet connection to your home router

Does BLAUPUNKT Smart Home System network coexist with Wi-Fi?

Yes. All ZigBee standards and Wi-Fi are designed to operate effectively in the same environment. ZigBee takes full advantage of IEEE 802.15.4 proven interference avoidance techniques and features a unique channel agility mechanism. In fact, there are products in the market that have both ZigBee and Wi-Fi in them and work very effectively in buildings and homes.

How many BLAUPUNKT IP-Camera can be connected to the Smart Home Alarm System

Even though the system is designed to handle 40 wireless ZigBee devices, at present the system can handle 4 IP-Cameras

Does the IP-Camera support Wi-Fi?

Yes. Once the IP-Camera is integrated into the BLAUPUNKT IP Smart Hub, the camera can be used over the Wi-Fi

Does the devices require any power connection?

No. All devices are battery operated other that the IP-Video Camera which requires external power supply.

Is the smartphone application a paid service?

The application can be downloaded and used free of cost

How does the system software upgrade done?

The IP Smart Hub firmware upgrade is done over the internet with out any intervention from the user

How many users can access the system?

You can define as many users you want so that your family will have access to the system and can receive critical alarms/push notifications simultaneously

Can I access the system from any where?

Yes. All you need is access to the internet on your smart phone, tablet or PC

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