Smart Assure

Smart | Assure ™ is a unique insurance and protection scheme that provides personal insurance cover (up to AED 200,000) for your home contents when you purchase one of Blaupunkt Home Security’s select Smart Home Alarm products. This offer comes as an exclusive with Blaupunkt Security from American International Group (AIG) MEA Limited.
JanvoG offers a protection plan for your home contents from AIG (, for FREE, when you buy one of the select Blaupunkt Security Home Alarm and Security products.

Why Home Contents Insurance is required?

Holding a home contents insurance policy ensures that it pays for damage or loss to an individual’s personal possessions like furniture, critical documents, entertainment, kitchenware, soft furnishings, home and personal use electronics, toys, ornaments, clothes, watches, jewellery, money and credit cards, locks and keys. As individuals, we may spend a lifetime accumulating precious valuables in our home so it’s important we also have the peace of mind to ensure our assets are well protected against loss.

What does it protect from?

The insurance cover is a comprehensive all risk cover that protects your home and possessions from fire damage, floods and storms, natural disasters, vandalism or malicious damage, theft and accidental damage, among others. Following a major event such as a fire, flood or natural calamity which deems your home uninhabitable, the insurance covers for alternative accommodation of staying somewhere else like a hotel or rented house until such time that your home is habitable again.

Where can i get this offer?

The 4 packages of Smart Assure are now available at Jumbo Electronics outlets in the UAE and also available at online shop and at

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